Reptile Themed Birthday Party


Basic Program — $250

Our Basic Program can be for any party or occasion you like! Whether it is for a Birthday, Good Grades, Touch a Critter, or even a Conquer your Fear Party! Our Basic Program is about 1 hour long. We start with a Show-n-Tell style meet & greet with a selection of 8-12 critters! We go over what it is, where it is from, what it eats, which ones make good pets and which ones dont, and other cool facts about each critter. Check out “Our Team” Page to see who could be coming. We like to end with a group photo and story time. During our program we Ask and Answer questions, but ask the guest to save stories until the end. Reptile Guy will arrive about 10-15 minutes before the Show time to set up & will need about 15 minutes to load out after the show. This Program is perfect for 12-18 main guest. Let us know if you will have more then 18 main guest coming to the program. (Main Guest are the guest that will get a front row seat and who we focus on during the program) Other Guest (Siblings and Adults) are always welcome to stay for the Program and are often as captivated as the main guest.

Feeding Program – $500

Our Feeding Program is very similar to our Basic Program but includes, feeding some of the critters as we go through the program! We will feed* a Tarantula, Lizards, and a Snake. Depending on the number of your guest, each guest may get to feed something to a critter! It is very impressive to see a Tarantula pounce on a cricket, to see how fast a Bearded Dragon can move to catch a cricket, or how slow a gecko moves & still gets the same cricket, to how a snake can stretch to swallow a rat whole! This program is perfect for under 10 Main Guest. Let us know if you will have more they 10 guest coming to the program. Adults are always welcome to stay for the program and are often as captivated as the younger ones. *We will do our best to bring hungry critters to this program, but we can not guarantee every critter we bring to eat, will eat! But we have had 99% success so far! For obvious reasons this program has a limited availability and is only offered on a limited basis!

Educational Workshops – Priced by event

All of our programs are Educational! So the amount of educational material that we use for the educational workshops will be up to you! Tell us what you need, and we can probably work that out. Or if you already have a lesson plan that you need us to work in to the program, we can do that as well. We are here for you, to make your class or presentation great! So give a call or shoot us an e-mail and we can start working on it! Price will be based on how much you need us to do for the program, as well as the length of time and preparation needed.