Reptile Themed Birthday Party

Welcome to Reptile Guy! Serving Middle, TN!

Reptile Guy provides LIVE educational programs to WOW your guest! This one of a kind Adventure, takes kids of all ages on a journey exploring their senses of touch and sight of some amazing creatures! while teaching them fun facts about the natural world.

What we Do:

  • Programs – Birthday, Good Grade, Bucket List, Conquer your Fear, Feeding Parties!
  • Educational – Workshops, Day Camps, Classes (Scouts, 4-H, Homeschool)
  • Corporate Events – Picnics, Grand Openings, Conferences, Christmas Parties, etc.
  • Fundraisers – Run’s 5k’s, Family fun Day/Night, Challenges
  • Reptile Rescue – We take in Sick & Unwanted Critters, NO questions asked (Not Cats & Dogs)
  • Adoptions – We rehab our rescues and once well, we Adopt them to loving homes
  • Reptiles for Photo Shoots – Commercials and Advertisement Campaigns Reptile Rescue & Adoptions

Program Details:

Programs Features unique Lizards, Snakes, Insects, & Arachnids for a “Hands On” presentations. Presentations – are Age Appropriate – for All ages, young and old Best for group sizes up to 18 main party guest. This allows for all the main guest to touch a wide variety of reptiles during the presentation. (we can work with groups of all sizes) Please Note: Programs can be provided, Weekdays, Evenings, and Weekends.  Programs can be tailored to fit “exactly” what your needs are, just let us know!  Please call to get your program on the Calendar for your preferred Date & Time. Please know Deposit MUST be paid to hold your Date & Time.  Reptile Guy has all required permits and we carry Insurance!

Thank you for checking out our website! Contact us TODAY for additional information and availability of dates & times! Mr. Brendan Reptile Guy

Best Programs Ever!

Reptile Parties

Birthday Parties, Good Grade Parties, basically any reason you can think of to have a party would be a great party to invite the Reptile Guy to come and entertain your party guest! Want something on the more educational side, no problem, just let us know and we can tailor a program to fit your needs. We can come to programs for Boy/Girl Scout, 4-H meetings and even home-school groups!


Meet Our Team

Reptile Parties

CHECK OUT some of the critters that could come to your Reptile Guy Program, Photo’s, Bio’s and more! Click HERE!

Our Team

Reptile Rescue

Reptile Parties

One of our goals is to Rescue Critters that can no longer be properly cared for! We are NOT a non-profit! Once critters are rehabed we will be looking to sell them to loving Life Long Homes! The money from the sale of all critter’s goes directly back into Rescuing more Critters!